Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Miss Manhattan Hangs Out...Takes A Break!

There are some exciting goings-on here at Miss Manhattan HQ! With that in mind, I’m taking a break from Miss Manhattan Hangs Out for a few weeks to focus on these other projects, of which I will certainly keep you posted. I’ll return in March to celebrate the two-year anniversary (!) of the project. In the meantime, if you need something to read, you may avail yourself of some of my favorite pieces of (non-MMHO) writing from 2018, which I kept meaning to share but never did. These should last you awhile :) They are below, in no particular order. See you in March!

Miss M

Life After a Double Mastectomy at 33
A young, single New York City woman is diagnosed with the genetic mutation that gave her mother breast cancer. After removing her breasts, unanswerable questions about her future loom large.

From my “Woman Seeing Woman” column at VICE:
These Intimate Portraits Are an Antidote to Icky Ads
Talking with photographer Zora Sicher about the importance of having a dialogue with your subjects.

How Deborah Willis Made Space for Herself in Photography*
The renowned photographer and historian conquered the photography world when others said she couldn’t.
*This essay was anthologized at the end of last year, in Deborah Willis’s book, In Pursuit of Beauty.

These Haunting Photos Were Inspired by a Near-Death Experience
When a car crash left her unable to speak, Cig Harvey used photography to examine life's miracles and misfortunes.

Radically Intimate Photos of Parenthood
In spite of the world’s cruelties, the Israeli-born photographer Elinor Carucci chooses love.

From my Drag Herstory column at them.:
-Crystal LaBeija
-The Cockettes
-Joan Jett Blakk
-José Julio Sarria

Vivian Maier’s Never-Before-Seen Color Photography
Vivian Maier's square-format black-and-white images became beloved worldwide, but her color photographs have mostly remained a mystery until now.

A Natural Thread
In her latest exhibition, Mira Lehr traces a fine line to enforce environmental conservation.

Rising Singer-Songwriter Raffaella Prefers Salinger to Sororities
A profile on one of New York's newest voices

For Francisco Correa Cordero, Running a Gallery is an Art Form
How the gallerist makes his teeny space in Manhattan a must-see, artist-friendly spot

The Forgotten World of the Badass Valeska Gert
On her 126th birthday, measuring the influence of the incomparable ‘dance performance artist’ who inspired entertainers from German Expressionism through to 1980s punk

The Young Women of Mah-Jongg
How I found culture and community playing the game my mother—and grandmother—loved

Sasha Velour's Nightgowns: Inside the Eclectic, Wild & Highly Personal Drag Show
Performances at Nightgowns are not just fierce renditions of pop ballads with death drops and splits.
'RuPaul's Drag Race': As Season 10 Arrives, What Does the Show Mean to Pop Culture?
Drag Race isn’t niche like it used to be. It’s popular culture now, for people inside and outside the communities where it started.