Monday, May 21, 2012

Pop Souk

It's no secret that I have more than a passing interest in downtown nightlife. This is not to say by any means the clubs of the Meatpacking District, but rather the sublime underground culture where deliciously gender-bendy or genderless sparkling denizens of the night dance away in lavish costumes, makeup, and the occasional pair of Doc Martens. On the occasions that I have been able to inhabit the same spaces as downtown legends like Amanda Lepore, Ladyfag, and Susanne Bartsch, my heart has leapt and my breath has become as short as others' might upon seeing Brad Pitt or a Kardashian. 

Oftentimes, these people have created themselves from nothing, have put every last penny into a fabulous closet and have dedicated their lives to the artwork that is, well, their life. My brain pauses even thinking about the glitter, platform shoes, makeup and fishnets involved in such a lifestyle. Part of me is incredibly jealous.

So when I had the opportunity to attend Ladyfag's Pop Souk at Greenhouse last weekend, my heart leapt again. Every surface of Greenhouse was populated with delicious castoffs from the lives of these nightlife personae, from Gaultier corsets to vintage fashion magazines to sequined dresses to caftans to...anything you could imagine, really. But the event really describes itself best:

Nightlife personalities, artists, musicians, DJs, designers, fashion junkies, drag queens and the rest of us who make up the creative landscape of Downtown NYC, are usually blessed—and cursed—with fabulously overflowing closets.

More than just a marketplace, Pop Souk is an event where you’ll find some of the most talented New Yorkers hanging out in their own personal pop-up shops and hocking treasures from their own closets, selling their own designs, or tempting you with delights from their own kitchens. Come hear your favorite New York DJs spin, hang out with cocktails in the lounge, have your make up and nails done, get tattooed, taste the delicacies you never knew these night creatures could make and, of course, shop for your new Spring wardrobe!

Though I didn't come away with new additions to my wardrobe, I did snag some fabulous photos. Many thanks to Ladyfag for a delightful event!