Thursday, July 19, 2012


On the 4th of July (I apologize, yes, this is a little late) CN and I made our way through to the depths, nay, the very edge of Queens via the A train, and arrived at Rockaway Beach. This was not before getting lost and almost taking the L (my fault...oops), but eventually we arrived to pure sunshine and sea air. We rushed out there, too, hoping to avoid what was supposed to be a torrential downpour later in the day, but it turns out we didn't even need to. We were instead gifted with a full day of sunshine.

Rockaway Beach is the furthest point in the five boroughs one get can get to with just one train, or so I've been told? The beach is sprinkled with everyone's brightly colored umbrellas and bathing suits, with separate areas for surfing and swimming. The water was cold cold cold and seaweed danced around my legs as I waded in the water and let the waves pick me up and lightly toss me back toward the shore.

Being at Rockaway was a very social experience, moreso than Manhattan Beach. There was a beach bar along the boardwalk blasting '90s dance jams, groups of people cuddled up on beach blankets, picnics, families, and even someone selling cotton candy. It was definitely a schlep to get out there, but the experience just being there was a delight. Have a look! I also took some pictures of people doing capoeira : )